Hilton Atlanta Airport Hotel

We arrived in Atlanta at night and since we were only staying that night, we decided to book at the Hilton Atlanta Airport Hotel. Thus, the first day of our trip was going to become more fluid:

night at the hotel

Pick up the rental car in the morning

Go to Atlanta to explore it a bit (because later we will return)

Leave for Savannah, which will take us about 4 hours.

When making the reservation, Ale noticed that he could choose the room using the Hilton app. She checked, chose 1330 and then received an email confirming everything.

On the way to the hotel from the airport, Ale received a text message confirming his room number and that he did not need to check-in, to go directly to the room and simply use his phone as a “key”.

What efficiency! What a breakthrough! First world! 🙂

We arrive, we take the elevator and as always happens, you have to present the card so that it enables you to get to the floor where you want to go. Ale put down the phone and nothing happened. She tried it like 3 times and we gave up when there were people waiting and she told us that we would still have to go get the card at reception. 😯

We went to the reception, we checked in but it was still worth it because thanks to the receptionist, we found out that, as Hilton gold members, we had USD24 credit to spend at the hotel, to buy snacks or use for food and drinks . 😀

I bought some fruit, Ale some drinks, we didn’t spend it all but we immediately went to the room because we were very tired.

And how is the room? Take a look here in the video, I show it in detail and also, the hotel inside and out.




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6 responses to “Hilton Atlanta Airport Hotel”

  1. Miguel Avatar


    Que lindo que vuelvan a viajar !

    Que lo pasen muy lindo!

    Saludos a la distancia!

    1. Alicia's Own Avatar

      Gracias Miguel! Arrancamos! Y esperemos que todo se encarrile para bien!

  2. Cecilia Avatar

    Hola Ali!! Qué sorpresa otra vez en el blog!! Lo conocí y comencé a seguir en 2013, pero ahora nos “encontramos ” diariamente en Instagram y You Tube. Que sigas disfrutando tu viaje, espero tus crónicas!! Un abrazo

    1. Alicia's Own Avatar

      Hol Cecilia! Gracias!

  3. LUIS Avatar

    Que agradable sorpresa! Estarás en otras redes, pero la pagina de internet es mi preferida!

    1. Alicia's Own Avatar

      Muchas gracias Luis! Estoy retomando este medio.